JR Float Unicorn


A buoy made in a thick and durable vinyl offering stability, with a safe and comfortable seat, with openings to the legs of your small. They will appreciate the comfort and freedom of kicking your legs with enthusiasm as you cool off in the pool. This unicornio is full of sparkles that glow in the sunshine, adding a touch of color to your pool day. and mirror your child’s tendencies to the water and the desire to master the art of swimming.

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  • A right sized pool float for your mini me for ages 1 to 3 up to 20 Kg
  • Standard air valve great for pool parties, vacation time in hotel swimming pools, birthday gifts, etc.
  • Easy to clean, inflate/ininflate
  • Part of our new collection # Verão18
  • Dimensions approx. Inflationated: 1.1 x 0.68 x 0.63 meters

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